Optimize frame tick code.

Author Mere <rift@dokein.co.uk>
Author date 2013-07-27 13:25:45
Author local date 2013-07-27 14:25:45 +0100
Committer Mere <rift@dokein.co.uk>
Committer date 2013-07-27 13:25:45
Committer local date 2013-07-27 14:25:45 +0100
Commit 551c4c96194cafb9067888deb9b000ab27a23557
Tree 123ae8332b76fb140ab939478278ea5a2c10e980
Parent 3e6f6885c62a229d81f5b2f896ba46f54fdbcb18
Optimize frame tick code.

The main change is to not update buff/debuff timer text on *every* tick.  Only do it when it actually changes (once a minute or second)

There are also one or two really really small tweaks.

Also fix bug with reseting the HotIcon properties, if it has frames loaded, mark the icon as having frames loaded, fixes issue of icons not appearing when reconfiguring them.